Pace Per Mile Team

Hey Everyone!!  I am one of the finalists for the Pace Per Mile Team and I would really appreciate your support!!  You can read my bio below and go to and vote for me!  Voting is open until December 3 and you can vote once per day!!


Abbie Nilles- Pace Per Mile

I first began running because a middle aged woman in a van was chasing me. She was my junior high track coach and this was how we practiced.  She would howl at us to run faster while chewing on a donut.  How’s that for motivation?  Despite this haphazard introduction to running, I continued on in high school and joined Cross Country and Track.  During this time as a runner, I found myself at both the back of the pack and the front.  There was even a time in a high school cross country meet when my friend and I finished dead last as the caboose of the race.  Nonetheless, running became a way for me to develop perseverance in my life.  That perseverance pushed me to run harder after college and I began running local races.  With each 5k finish, I wanted to run a little farther and faster; this internal drive is one that brought me to my current goal of finishing a marathon in every state.  I have crossed 6 off my list in the past 13 months and Boston 2016 will be 7.  Running has not only brought perseverance to my life but also adventure.  It has led me to discover the scenery of my hometown along the Mississippi.  It has led me to a bear encounter in the Tetons, where I found myself running away from a mamma and her cub.   And most recently, it has led me to Las Vegas Boulevard, running in gail force winds pressing for the finish.  I love that running provides an opportunity for you to learn a little bit more about yourself.  I have learned that sometimes you can be just as proud of a finish as a medal.  I have learned that runners have an incredible willpower, but that if you don’t test it you will not grow.  I have also learned that I enjoy a beer more after 20 miles than I do after 3!


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