Bucket List Marathons and Destination Races


It has been a solid week of rain and thunderstorms here.  On weeks like this I need a little inspiration and daydreams to keep me going.  Today Nuun posted on Facebook asking what races were on your bucket list?

After our first marathon last year my husband decided he wanted to do a marathon in each of the 50 states.  I am along for the ride but I actually would prefer making a list of countries to do marathons in.  What better reason to vacation than to race?

So here is my bucket list:

  1. Boston Marathon.  I expect Boston to be on everyone’s list.  The atmosphere, the elite, the excitement.  And qualifying is half the fun! (I am checking this off in 2016)
  2. Great Wall Marathon.  After living in China and running in China (or at least attempting to) I put this marathon near the top.  The view from the Great Wall is incredible.  The culture and people in China are like non-other.  Also, the challenge of running all of those steps- right up my alley!
  3. Athens Marathon.  How great would it feel run where it all began.  I can’t imagine the runner’s high you would get during this race.
  4. Big Sur International Marathon.  I imagine the miles go fly by in this race.  I bet with the majestic views my mind would wander the entire race.
  5. London Marathon.  I love London.  The history, the markets, and the city has this fresh, fun feel.  You will find me in a pub almost immediately after the finish- I guarantee.
  6. Tokyo Marathon.  Tokyo is a city like none other.  It is so lively while still being friendly and polite.  Any excuse to go to Tokyo sign me up!
  7. SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon.  This one I would be running for the people.  I have heard that the locals cheering you on make for a fun and spirited race.
  8. The Big Five Marathon.  I would love to run this for the wildlife alone.  This race gives you the chance to run with antelopes, zebras, and giraffes- and an off chance at running with a lion.
  9. Maratona Caixa da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro.  The hardest part of this race would be not running off onto the beaches.  I imagine lively crowds and an exciting after party!
  10. Midnight Sun Marathon.  One of my good friends lived in Norway and he talks about it as if it is his one true love.  With the sun never setting this night race still allows for great views.

I have so many more as well.  After finishing my top ten I realized I hadn’t included NYC, Rome, or Berlin.  The list could go on and on.

What is on your marathon list?


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