Lessons Learned from Running

half mar

I wrote this post last year on National Running Day and wanted to revisit it here.

In the spirit of National Running Day (June 4, 2014) runners around the world are being asked to create badges stating why they run. While I enjoy reading the stories of inspiration, to me there is no short answer to this question. The easiest response for me, may in fact be another, “Why don’t you?”

Training for my fall marathon started this week and as my runs continue to be longer and more challenging it is imperative that I stay focused. On today’s run I began thinking about the characteristics of runners and how running influences not only who we are as a person but how efficient we are in the workplace. These are a few of the lessons running has taught me.

Attitude is Everything

There will always be rainy days- or days when you wake up with no motivation to get out of bed. Everyone has these days- the best way to get through them is to stay focused and smile. A positive attitude can transform not only your workout but your workday. It’s contagious and people around you will take note.

Test Yourself

Races help me to gauge my progress and motivate me during practice. It’s amazing what a record time at a race can do for your weekly workouts or how slower races increase your determination. I recently started working in sales and a general notion I have seen on a daily basis is to keep moving things forward. I love this- without pushing our limits and testing ourselves we would never improve.

The Importance of Rest

Just as important as testing yourself it is also vital to know when it’s time for you to rest. Take a night to yourself, relax, and regroup. Without rest comes injury and injury keeps us from performing to the best of our ability.

The 3 D’s

Discipline, dedication, and determination.

These three words fit together so well. Running has forced me to be more disciplined, dedicated, and determined in all that I do. Jesse Owens said it well, “We all have dreams, in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.”

There is an internal drive in each of us- find yours, use it, and run with it.


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